The Ease of the APP

Teaching a high school publications course at a small school of 75 students (grades 7-12) can be quite difficult. We produce a yearbook and literary journal called The Grapevine. Technically I do not have a photography team, but instead rely on cell phone pictures from students, parents, coaches, and the occasional random person who captures a great image. I am forced to actually hunt down pictures by frequently reminding people to email or text me any pictures they might have snapped at a certain event. We are a cell phone free school, but I occasionally instruct two to three students to be in possession of their devices in order to catalog particular school moments such as Mass, field trips, theme days, Homecoming and Prom, sports, etc. This can cause a bit of commotion when they are caught in the halls with their phones.

The literary journal is another yearly hurtle because the students tend to email me all of their creative works which I then forward to the publications team. During class we have the opportunity to vocally collaborate on which piece each team member will read, edit, and return to a student. However, outside of that 45 minutes, there is too much confusion concerning who is working on what, causing students to work solely in class creating delays.

I am in need of an App that can be installed on all of our chrome books and shared with parents and coaches that allows the sharing of photos and short fiction/poetic pieces of writing. However, once the information is shared, I would like only publications students to have access to the editing process.

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