AI Statement

As we look to the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, the expectation of in-service days focusing on the use of AI in the classroom is inevitable. Teachers are specifically concerned with the use of ChatGPT as a method of cheating. Teachers must determine what role AI plays in the classroom and how best to utilize it. We must decide whether the use of AI constitutes plagiarism and how to punish its misuse. 

We are confronted with a technological advancement that is out of the control of the educator. ChatGBT can turn out academic papers that will easily pass as student work. Now more than ever, teachers must learn the language of their students so we are able to detect curious instances of great improvement. We must work to memorize and identify each student’s academic written voice.

Furthermore, we must teach students the inherent value in individual written and verbal expression. Educators are tasked, now more than ever before, with making students understand the importance of learning to write effectively, as well as spark within each student a desire to learn and creatively express themselves.  

Some might say of AI: “if we can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” However, I believe the mainstream acceptance and use of programs like ChatGPT is a faulty reaction to the prevalence of advanced technologies. I will continue to consider papers that utilize sites like ChatGPT to be plagiarism and will refuse to accept them as the work of the student. Instead of incorporating this type of faulty AI in my curriculum, I will use technology that increases the engagement of the student, enriching their learning and encouraging them to take pride in their own personal compositions.

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